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Doctor Who, Season 10 July 31, 2017

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I want to post a few remarks on Season 10 of Doctor Who, which I got around to watching recently. Why? Because, with Season 10, the BBC has accomplished something truly remarkable: They have managed to create a sequence of episodes which so effectively plumb the depths of stupidity, lameness and sheer boringness that my skills with the English language are simply inadequate to describe how awful they are. Season 10 is even worse than Season 9, which I didn’t think was possible!

In fact, for the first time ever, I’ve decided that I am just not going to bother finishing the season. Not only that, but I’ve learned from experience that once I reach this level of frustration with a franchise, that’s it, I’m done with all of it. This happened before with Star Trek when the idiots at Paramount turned it over to that unbelievable hack J.J. Abrams, and  with Star Wars, when George Lucas proved to the whole world what a tone-deaf dipshit he is with the second trilogy. Being a fan of these fictional universes requires a person to actually care about what happens there, and that becomes impossible once a certain minimal level of quality is lost.

Does Season 10 of Doctor Who have any redeeming qualities at all, based on the 9 1/4 episodes that I watched before throwing up my hands in disgust? Well, yes. This new companion, this girl who calls herself “Bill,” is actually better than I expected. Granted, that isn’t saying much these days. But, to be specific, she’s reasonably likeable as a character, at least in circumstances where she’s not reciting social justice talking points or pretending to be 25 times smarter than she actually is, etc., and she’s a distinct improvement over the last one, that girl whose name I can’t even be bothered to look up–you know, the cutey pie with the adorable chipmunk cheeks who turned out to be the most annoying companion since the 1980’s. “Bill” is an improvement over her because she’s only infuriatingly annoying part of the time.

Overall though, stick a fork in it: Doctor Who is done. I’d remark that I don’t even know why they are bothering to continue after this season, except that I do know, and so should you, right? Hint: Entertaining people is most definitely not the reason.

I’ve heard that some people actually liked Season 10. If you are one of these people…well, please just go away. :)