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BBC BS August 4, 2017

Posted by ce9999 in Doctor Who.

Referencing my previous post about how lame Doctor Who has become in recent seasons, the following illustrates very well one of the primary problems I’ve been having with the series over the past couple of years:

Something is Broken in the UK Intellectual Sphere – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

That article doesn’t talk about Doctor Who at all, but it does discuss issues with a BBC educational cartoon about the Roman Period in Britain. Doctor Who has been displaying the exact same variety of politically motivated historical revisionism (i.e. lying to people to further a particular narrative) as that documentary, by pretending that there were just all sorts of black people in Britain, at all points in history, as far as I can tell, and the excuse given by these idiots is, “There were Africans in the Roman legions, you racist Nazi!”

Taleb does a good job of giving that line of “reasoning” the exact skewering it deserves.

The British Empire was possibly the greatest empire the world has ever known, with only the Romans rivaling them for that title (and that rivalry being based only on how you define a great empire). It took a great People to form that empire. What has happened to that People, the British? Their nation today is a sorry shadow of its former self that can’t even be bothered to protect its own daughters from being raped and prostituted by foreigners. Something similar is happening in Germany, too. Were the souls of these nations utterly destroyed in World War II, leaving only a withered husk of the spirit that made these Peoples great? Will the British (and the Germans) somehow pull their shit together, rediscover their identities, and, more to the point, the value of those identities, before it’s too late? People at the BBC are actively engaging in lying about the history of Britain in an effort to redefine what “Britain” even means, and they appear to be succeeding. By doing so, they are contributing to the demise of Britain. I think it’s a huge tragedy in the making and it saddens my heart to see it happening.

Well, this is getting political and I had never intended this to be a political blog. So I will shut up about this particular point now.

I did go back and refinish the one partial episode that I had originally attempted to watch before throwing my hands up in frustration the other day. It was, truly, an exercise in sub-mediocrity, even if all the problematic political content had been removed or corrected.

However, I did notice something positive about it, which I’ve noticed a few times before in this season. It’s a subtle thing, hard to pin down precisely, but it intrigues me enough that I will probably go through the bother of watching the last two episodes. Somehow, once in a while, this season of Doctor Who manages to evoke the feel of the classic series in a way that the previous nine seasons never did. So, in that one sense, this season is the best of the series so far. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is part of it, as is “Bill.” Part of it is also the interplay between the two of them. Part of it is that Capaldi is older than the previous three guys. But it’s not just character stuff. There have been several times this year when I’ve felt almost like I was watching an episode of the classic series, perhaps one from the Pertwee/early Tom Baker period, or perhaps late-period McCoy. Hopefully there will be more of that in the last two episodes! And, hopefully, the level of politically motivated stupidity won’t be too arduous to bear.


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