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The Author Returns January 18, 2010

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I’m going to take another stab at this blog.

Where have I been for the last nine or eleven months?

There’s really too much to explain very well. For the most part, I was spending most of my free time on another interest of mine: photography. I actually have another blog on WordPress now, pertaining largely to photography, although it’s “officially” described (by me) as “a vaguely defined blog.” Originally I just called it “My Pics”, (which is cute enough that I am still tempted to go back to it at times, even if it isn’t accurate anymore). Then I changed it to “ce9999”, figuring I would eventually think of a better name. I never did, so it remains ce9999, named after my WordPress account. Probably what I’ll do is refocus that blog onto general creative and intellectual interests of mine.

I’ve also been watching a lot of TV stuff during my absence. There are a lot of great programs that don’t fit very well into the scope of this blog. Six Feet Under, for instance, was a great show and I rented every season of it from Netflix. I also did that with Deadwood and Rome.

These all happen to be HBO shows, which I seem to be gravitating towards. The lack of censorship in HBO programming is one factor, but the main issue is that, when HBO decides to make an idea into a TV series, they really pull out all the stops. Rome, for instance, was apparently so expensive to produce that even though HBO and the BBC were pooling their resources, they still couldn’t afford to keep it going, regardless of its popularity. The Sci Fi Channel (whose new name I am not willing to use) could use a little bit of that sort of ambition.

In any case, one mistake I tended to make the last time I got into this was to try to cover too many things in individual blog posts. I’m going to avoid that this time. So that’s it for now. Back soon with more! :)