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Eureka – 2nd opinion September 10, 2008

Posted by ce9999 in Eureka.
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Even though my initial post about Eureka turned out to be pretty negative, I did go ahead and watch the next DVD as I said I would. It had five episodes on it.

You know what? This show is growing on me. I’m definitely going to finish up the first season, and then see what’s up with season two.

Overall, the keys to enjoying this show appear to be enjoying the humor, and appreciating the relationships between some of the characters (which are also played for humor, of course). After only watching a small number of episodes last time, the relationship side of the show wouldn’t have gotten along very far yet, and the humor side…well, that works better when there’s more familiarity with the characters too.

One thing I definitely need to mention is the episode “Dr. Nobel”—this was really well done. I really enjoyed it. If they can keep the show up to that level of quality, they’ll end up converting me into a fan!

Jack Carter is also growing on me, as is his daughter Zoe Carter. The characters I’m having the most trouble with? Nathan Stark, and Henry Deacon. With Stark, the dislike is not hard to explain. The whole point of his character, after all, is that he’s an arrogant, supercilious asshole. With Henry, the main problem seems to be that he is too good at too many things, to the point where it’s not very believable. He’s also the King of Technobabble on the show, and technobabble is always annoying. There’s more to my unease with Henry than these two things, though. I just haven’t figured it out yet. Probably what they need to do is give me an episode where he plays a more central role, so I can get a better handle on who he is supposed to be.

One other thing: I loved Zoe’s flaming red hair in…whatever episode that was (probably “Right as Raynes”, but I’m not positive about that). I have some other ideas for what she can do, as far as hair colors. I’m thinking BRIGHT BLUE would look cool—either a medium blue, or darker (or both!), as long as it’s BRIGHT. Another color she absolutely has to try is PURPLE. Heheheh. GREEN? Eh, not so much. Personally, I think green hair almost always looks like crap, thanks to the fact that it clashes horribly with almost everyone’s skin tones. Better to stick with the old standards, such as JET BLACK. :)

Anyway, I’ll be getting to DVD #3 in the near future.