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Lies, Damned Lies and Damned Shows May 19, 2014

Posted by ce9999 in House of Lies.
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I really ought to post more stuff here, considering how many shows I watch.

Anyway: House of Lies.

Odd, this show. I tend to hate it with a fiery passion. Except when I love it with a fiery passion.

Lately I’ve been catching up on season three. 2nd episode, so far. As always, I am watching a whole bunch of episodes all at once, rather than waiting for the stupid network to get around to broadcasting them on their lame-o weekly schedule.

Anyway. The show features exactly ZERO likeable characters, along with a per-episode overdose of PC crap. The two of those together would normally be the kiss of death for me, but nevertheless I keep watching because, sometimes, something wonderful happens, such as Marty Kaan’s bitch ex-wife getting stabbed in the leg by her cutie-pie marketing staffer employee who has had as much abuse from her psycho-bitch boss as she can take.

Yes-indeedy, on a show where every single character is some species of loathesome asshole, you want to be sure there are as many stabbings as possible. Praise Louis B. Mayer!