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Tracy Strauss???!?!? September 23, 2008

Posted by ce9999 in Heroes.
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Ok, so what’s the deal with Ali Larter’s new character in Heroes? Niki Sanders is apparently dead for real, for all we can tell, and who the hell is this new icewoman person, Tracy Strauss?

Well, I have a theory: She’s the real Jessica.

Recall that Niki’s “Jessica” personality was based on a sister of hers named Jessica. We even got to see her grave at one point. I don’t recall them saying this explicitly, but I got the distinct impression that Jessica and Niki were twins. Apparently, Jessica was killed by their father, as she was trying to protect Niki.

Perhaps what actually happened is that the death was faked by the Company, who spirited the young Jessica away, and sent her to an appointment with the Haitian for a memory wipe, which means she doesn’t even remember Niki anymore. Notice how Tracy is a lot more Jessica-like than Niki is? I’m guessing I’m hardly the only one who initially thought she was Niki’s Jessica personality.

What kind of scares me is that this theory actually makes sense. :) Only question is, was the Haitian around at that time? My guess is, yes he was. He did get started with the Company when he was only a boy, after all.

Lots of other questions in these first two episodes, but I’m happy that I at least have a theory for this one, which bothered me the most.

I also have a theory that Mohinder is turning into a bug, but that’s just a crazy idea of mine. :)